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  Domestic and foreign companies and groups, strategic and financial investors, funds, and foreign persons or entities wishing to invest in Turkey, we provide consulting services in the field of commercial law. In this context, our clients opening subsidiaries in Turkey, foreign and/or joint venture with Turkish partners (joint venture), the establishment, the establishment of the foreign company branch and liaison offices and Turkey and agency of foreign companies, signing the distributorship and partnership agreements have been serving in the subject. In particular, retail, service supply, communication, information, technology, e-commerce, tourism and entertainment industry, franchise and distribution systems, manufacturing and manufacturing, media,...

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  We provide consultancy services with high level of expertise to our domestic and foreign investor clients at all types and stages of real estate transactions. Real estate litigations vary depending on the type of real estate such as land, land, apartment, and apartment. Among the lawsuits filed in order to regulate legal irregularities related to immovables, there are deed lawsuits, remuneration cases, expropriation cases, lease cases and cases for the removal of the partnership. The most common types of cases in real estate cases are deed registration and deed cancellation cases. All these types of lawsuits allow the regulation of individual...

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  We help our clients with debt recovery issues of which funding and liquidation are frequently integral part. Debt recovery has an important place as it is a subject that has many financial areas. Providing professional support to reach a solution in this matter is among our primary goals for our clients. Golden Horn Law provide acting for liquidation practitioners in litigation and investigation, the recovery and disposal of assets from foreign and domestic banks occurred from companies and persons. Debt recovery is directly correlated to your credit score. In the event that the payment of the debt is delayed, delinquency can be...

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