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Domestic and foreign companies and groups, strategic and financial investors, funds, and foreign persons or entities wishing to invest in Turkey, we provide consulting services in the field of commercial law. In this context, our clients opening subsidiaries in Turkey, foreign and/or joint venture with Turkish partners (joint venture), the establishment, the establishment of the foreign company branch and liaison offices and Turkey and agency of foreign companies, signing the distributorship and partnership agreements have been serving in the subject.

In particular, retail, service supply, communication, information, technology, e-commerce, tourism and entertainment industry, franchise and distribution systems, manufacturing and manufacturing, media, health and medical equipment, oil and gas, real estate development, and real estate management we provide consultancy services in the fields. Our expert lawyers provide consultancy services to their clients on all kinds of issues, including compliance with sectoral legislation, preparation of contract drafts, and negotiation of contracts.

Also, the establishment of companies and preparation of main contracts, mergers, and acquisitions, preparation of general assemblies and infrastructure of companies, preparation of commercial contracts, legal consultancy for commercial companies, follow-up of lawsuits arising from Commercial Law, Unfair Competition lawsuits, termination of the partnership, termination of the company, transfer of the commercial enterprise and Trade Golden Horn Law provides legal support to our clients in resolving all other disputes arising from its law. Thus, our clients actively show themselves in many commercial areas and achieve success in the national and international commercial sector.
We do not only limit our legal services to Turkey but also provide legal support to our clients in many different countries in the field of international trade.

Some of the services we offer in the field of International Trade;


  • Subsidy investigations opened at home and abroad,
  • Safeguard investigations,
  • Anti-dumping investigations in Turkey and abroad,
  • Surveillance application references,
  • Applications for suspension, quotas and tariff quotas,
  • Preparation of reports regarding the changing legislation and practices,
  • Trade policy advice,
  • Follow-up of foreign receivables arising from export and import,
  • Resolution of disputes related to customs clearance, transportation, insurance, and delivery of imported or exported products,
  • Preparing defenses against practices regarding the prevention of unfair competition in imports,

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