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Litigation Services


very year in Turkey many people are being unfairly treated, encountering difficulties due to indifferences or contractual disputes.
Here at Golden Horn Law we provide a clear, professional and cost effective service to all clients looking for help with their litigation case in Turkey.


Litigation Experts

Our experts will work with you to understand the root of the problem and build a well thought out strategy for your litigation in Turkey; this can sometimes mean competing in a trial, where we aim to always win. However, trials can be expensive and time consuming, and we do our best to carry out negotiations on behalf of all our clients to help obtain a favorable settlement.

We are experts in:



We help you to resolve disputes arising under sales and purchase agreement, recovering your down payment back and fighting for the hidden flaws that you might find once the purchase has been closed through litigation in Turkey Courts.


Civil or commercial contracts, agency agreements, franchising, leasings, distribution agreements, resolution of terminated contracts.


We provide legal assistance in disputes involving unfair competition, trade secrets, preliminary or permanent injunction, fraud, partnership disputes, collection, and financial services.


In case the other party’s insurers deny that the accident was their insured’s fault, we help you to get your economic compensation by means of litigation in TURKEY.


Debt collection, we provide tailor-made services to retrieve money owed to our clients by customers by means of litigation in TURKEY. We’re specialists, confident of success every time.


We provide you assessment following a breach of contract. We handle both bringing commercial claims and defending claims all over Turkey.


Satisfied Clients

The level of understanding was important as I had no knowledge of the subject matter. Ilkay responded to my needs by providing a quick turnaround and explained each step to ensure I understood each stage of any hurdle we came up against. I liked the fact that the channel between us was always open and that I could contact Ilkay for clarification if needed. The level of service was as I would have expected from a lawyer of this calibre and I can truly say that I did receive value for money. I have already asked for further advice on another separate matter and would have no hesitation in recommending Ilkay to potential clients.

Doreen, UK

I asked Ilkay to renew the “Residence Permit” for me and my family. At first we collaborated with another person that proved to be incompetent, didn’t provide us the full list of necessary documents, as a result by the time of expiration of the first visa the renewal was not received. Anna knows all ins and outs of dealing with the Turkish bureaucracy. With his help we promptly collected everything that was missing, and our visa was renewed for two years as it should have been. I am thankful to Ilkay for the qualities that she shown during our collaboration: Clarity, punctuality, efficiency and willingness to help.

Thomas Paine