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Business Set Up in Turkey

Open your Turkish company here.


very year many people come to Turkey, pursuing their dream of setting up a business and living in one of Eurasia’s most sought after destinations.

At GOLDEN HORN LAW, our English-speaking lawyers understand that starting a business in a foreign country can be daunting, especially in Turkey, where the system is complicated and taxes can be a hindrance.

This is where our years of experience of advising international clients how to set up businesses in Turkey helps you make better and smarter decisions, saving you thousands of euros in the long term.

At Golden Horn Law our dedicated team of English speaking lawyers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Turkish law, setting up businesses and getting the best results for you.
According to the nature of the business you are planning to start, we will guide you through the whole legal process of company formation, including:

• Determining the most suitable form of business in your case.

• Preparing bylaws and company formation documents.

• All procedures associated to the notary.

• Obtaining and ensuring all activity licenses are in order.

• Making sure all taxes are paid correctly.

• Assistance in opening a company bank account.

• Obtain the company tax number for the company.

• Publish the company incorporation in the official newspaper.


Why hire us?

No need to be in Turkey

No need to be in Turkey to open your new business, Golden Horn Law can handle all the set up for you through a Power of Attorney.

No hidden fees

We have no surprise-policy as all our expenses are specified in our fees. We can take care of the notary payment and registry fees.

Time Efficient process

One of our experts will advise on the most suitable legal structure for your business, reducing any tax impact.

Fast, Simple, professional

Let us handle everything for you, from incorporation to registration, all the process usually takes few weeks.

Stress Free Banking

Golden Horn Law can open your company bank account through a Power of Attorney so you don’t have to queue for hours.


Satisfied Clients

The level of understanding was important as I had no knowledge of the subject matter. Ilkay responded to my needs by providing a quick turnaround and explained each step to ensure I understood each stage of any hurdle we came up against. I liked the fact that the channel between us was always open and that I could contact Ilkay for clarification if needed. The level of service was as I would have expected from a lawyer of this calibre and I can truly say that I did receive value for money. I have already asked for further advice on another separate matter and would have no hesitation in recommending Ilkay to potential clients.

Doreen, UK

I asked Ilkay to renew the “Residence Permit” for me and my family. At first we collaborated with another person that proved to be incompetent, didn’t provide us the full list of necessary documents, as a result by the time of expiration of the first visa the renewal was not received. Anna knows all ins and outs of dealing with the Turkish bureaucracy. With his help we promptly collected everything that was missing, and our visa was renewed for two years as it should have been. I am thankful to Ilkay for the qualities that she shown during our collaboration: Clarity, punctuality, efficiency and willingness to help.

Thomas Paine