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We will provide you assistance in case you need someone to deal with the payment of the inheritance tax in Turkey. In the event that any property passes from one person to another for free, or in the event that the movables and immovables owned by a deceased person are transferred to the heirs of all his rights and receivables, each inheritance and gift tax must be paid for the assets ıt has acquired.

As in income tax, tranches and exception amounts are determined by the state every year. The tax base is obtained by subtracting the relevant exception amount from the total amount of the assets acquired. This tax base is proportional to the tax brackets announced by the state and the amount of inheritance and gift tax payable is determined.

The declaration must be submitted to the tax office at the place of residence of the deceased. In the case of non-refundable transfers, the declaration must be submitted to the flat in the place of residence of the person who saves (earning income). If the party making the savings in the non-refundable transfers is a legal person, then the declaration must be submitted to the office where the legal person is located. Legator or providing unpaid earnings person’s place of residence in a country other than Turkey if the declaration is given to those people found in the apartment where the last place of residence in Turkey. Turkey is located in a country other than the taxpayer is given to Turkey at the location of the taxpayer’s declaration in this case consulate. Legator or person providing unrequited gains to ever reside in Turkey or end in cases of residence can not be determined declarations, through inheritance or other means that gratuitous manner that gets property is located or taxpayers are given to the tax office location to which the place of residence. The declarations can be submitted to the relevant offices in person or sent by registered mail.

We take care of all transactions in the matter of inheritance tax calculation on behalf of our clients and make up-to-date calculations. As the tax calculation varies according to countries, we base the tax rate of the relevant year.

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