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Divorce in TURKEY

Specifics of international private law
Golden Horn Law  > Divorce in TURKEY

Golden Horn Law helps its clients in many matters regarding divorce, both between Turkish citizens and Turkish citizens and foreigners.

Disputes arising from family law are resolved before the court, for example, on matters such as child support obligations, property regimes, kinship, custody, establishment of paternity , adoption, child property, family property and guardianship.

In the preparation of a protocol between the parties, we serve our clients with great care and attention to the confidentiality of private life within the framework of the Civil Code, the Civil Procedure Law and the provisions of the relevant international conventions and laws.

We aim to provide the most appropriate service so that spouses and children are not affected psychologically and financially from the divorce process.

Our services in the area of divorce are as follows :

  • Execution of divorce and paternity cases,
  • Protocol  preparation and execution in consensual divorces,
  • Submission  of material and moral compensation claims in contentious divorce cases,
  • Carrying  out liquidation of assets after divorce,
  • To produce legal remedies against violating custody and alimony provisions,
  • Taking decisions on domestic violence and similar situations,
  • Resolution of disputes arising from adoption,

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